Kendall Jenner’s Moon Teeth Whitening Pen

The pen claims to instantly brighten teeth and whiten them over time; the formula itself is pleasingly sparkly, while the flavour is nice too – a sweet vanilla-mint.

Rather than just put her face to the brand, Kendall worked on the formula, which includes an antioxidant blend of lavender oil, strawberry fruit extract and honeysuckle flower extract. The whitening is achieved by urea peroxide.

Moon is part of a movement of premium dental hygiene moving away from health and into the beauty sphere – we’re now prepared to spend on teeth products in the same way we lavish attention on our skin.

“Trends from the beauty industry are increasingly influencing how we think about dental,” he continues. “Dental brands are focusing on putting the pleasure back into caring for our mouths, inspired by beauty brands that have successfully developed daily rituals in areas such as skincare.”

Fresh breath and whitening directly link to emotional health and social well-being, and also fit in with the growing alignment between oral health and overall beauty. This appears to impact upon 16-24 year olds most strongly, with 48 per cent of that group considering breath-freshening to be important, and 60 per cent considering whitening to be important.

The fact that Moon products are aesthetically pleasing (and in millennial-friendly hues) is no coincidence, product design has become much more important and people are gravitating towards beautiful products that complement the design aesthetic of their home.

When people think about a bathroom shelf, they want beautifully packaged products that look chic on display in the bathroom and on Instagram.