The Eyeliner Trick for Every Eye

Posted: May 25 2015

Brown eyes look gorgeous in black, brown or plum eyeliner.  Blue eyes sparkle in blue, grey,violet, plum or green liner.

Green or hazel eyes look stunning in brown, blue, green or grey liner.

Black liner can be reserved to be worn lightly on blue, green or hazel eyes for a special occasion or night out.

White eyeliner can be used on the bottom rim to brighten the eye or applied thinly above another liner shade on any eye color to add flair. Liners are available in various formulas including  pencil,liquid,gel,cake or cream.

Decide which formula you like the best and which is easiest for you to apply. Sparkly eyeliners are available on the market to “glam-up” and add some dazzle to your look. Eye shadow crayons can be used to line your eye,as well.Cake eyeliner comes in a powder  form and can usually be used wet or dry.