5 Beauty Secrets Perfect for Women on the Go

Posted: May 15 2015

Most beauty tips out there are for women that have all the time in the world to maintain their A to Z beauty regimens. But actually, nearly all of us barely have half an hour or so to do whatever needs to be done. These time-saving beauty secrets can help us do the things we need to do a lot quicker than the usual:

1. The Puffy Situation

While tuning in the morning news or better yet, waiting for your coffee to brew, you can place a frozen bag of vegetables (wrapped in a towel of course!) over your puffy eyes for 5-10 minutes. It would also help if you lessen your sodium intake the night before. Or better yet, don’t drink too much wine if you have to wake up early the next day.

2. Pillow Imprints Be Gone!

By splashing your skin with warm water, your skin cells will start having faster blood circulation which makes your skin return back to life thus eliminating pillow imprints. Apply moisturizer for a greater effect.

3. Quick Dry Paint

In case you really need to paint your nails in the morning (which you’re supposed to do the night before!), here’s what you need to do to dry them quickly. Immerse your newly painted finger nails in a bowl filled with ice and cold water for a couple of minutes. This is actually freezing the topcoat of your polish. Your fingers will go numb, yes!

4. The Wonder Hair Dryer

Towel dry you hair as thoroughly as possible before using the hair dryer. Then bend over and hang your head literally upside down as you run your fingers through your hair and aiming the hair dryer at the roots first. You can dry the tips after.

5. Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!

Drink lots of water in the morning, preferably warm! Warm water flushes out the kidneys, prepares the stomach for food by stimulating the glands on its walls, and helps the bowels move regularly and naturally. But if you’re trying to hold out hunger, drink cold water instead!