• Jean D'Estrees Co-retinol 10 Lip Contour 15ml

Jean D'Estrees

Jean D'Estrees Co-retinol 10 Lip Contour 15ml

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Co-Retinol 10 Lip contour
The localized rejuvenating treatments. This preparation is specifically suited for the finest wrinkles located on the labial area. The process consists of filling in the creases, the depth of which are accentuated by the skin's loss of elasticity.
After 15 days of use, the micro-wrinkles are reduced and the contours of the mouth are redefined.
The Retinol or "vitamin A", regulates the epidermic thickness thanks to a soothe exfoliation. It allows the reproduction of new cells in surface, for a renewed and soothed skin. The Co-enzyme Q10  stimulates micro-circulation  favours cells oxygenation  gives back to the skin all its energy and clearness.
Apply morning and evening on the entire area, product penetration is immediate.

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