• Gli Elementi Body Skin Tonic 200ml

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Gli Elementi Body Skin Tonic 200ml


Contains sulphurous thermal water with soothing and de-toxin properties.
Together with a combination of vegetal extract helps create an effective tonic synergy against skin relaxation for the different areas of the body: ivy and Asiatic centella with tonic and astringent effect equisetum with stretching effect: dermochlorella seaweed with skin-tonic effect: phytic acid, derived from rice, with smoothing action and shea butter with softening and reepithelizing effect. Soft and penetrating texture makes it perfect for any type of application: ideal for legs,inside thighs and arms.
Daily use: Apply a generous quantity and massage with circular movements on the body part you wish to treat. The first results can be seen after 8 weeks of consecutive use.

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