• Gli Elementi Restructuring Mask 200ml

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Gli Elementi Restructuring Mask 200ml


It contains sulphurous geothermal water with re mineralising and soothing properties. It is ideal both for hair and scalp and contains also fundamental active principle for the beauty of the capillary stem: sericin. This very important silk protein is able to fix itself on the hair keratin and to selectively repair the most damaged areas, therefore not weighing down the hair length, as it clings only where it is necessary: the hair fibre will be gradually renewed and regenerated. It also effectively contrast the normal loss of hair colour, therefore protecting your hair and keeping it shining for a higher number of washings.

After the shampoo apply on wet hair making sure it penetrates well and thoroughly on the hair and leave to act for 5-10minutes. Rinse with plenty of water. The mask can be used instead of the conditioner.

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